Friday Dec 29, 2017

Moyog Assemblyman Terrence Siambun is “too desperate” in trying to hoodwink the people by twisting the statement by Upko chief Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau on the Umno-Pas cooperation.

“It is a very weak attempt on the part of Siambun and Warisan. We are amused; him putting his foot on his mouth. Clearly it is a case of being too desperate”, said Upko Information Chief Albert Bingkasan.

All Tangau said was Pas and Umno are cooperating with each other in as far as faith (akidah) is concerned.

“Politically, however Umno and PAS remain on different camps. Umno is in BN while PAS is outside BN. And they are set to contest against each other including in states like Kelantan where PAS is the ruling party,” Bingkasan said here Friday in response to Siambun’s statement.

“Siambun is exposing to the people just how low Warisan is. Anybody who can read (the news reports) knows Tangau has never mentioned about the Act 355 when met by reporters at Upko’s Christmas open house, ” said Bingkasan, adding “I was there and I know what was said. It has nothing to do with Siambun’s version of the story. Where did he hear such? Funny lah him.”

Siambun claimed that Tangau had given the thumbs up to the proposed amendment of Act 355 or RUU355 being tabled by Pas in Parliament, a stand which is in contradiction with what was stated by UPKO Secretary General Datuk Donald Mojuntin recently.

Bingkasan said: “One of UPKO trademarks is our consistency. Tangau is the UPKO chief, Mojuntin is his tag team. How on earth could they have two different party stands?”

“Having said that, perhaps I should thank Siambun,” said Bingkasan, “for his grasp of the Upko’s staunch stand in opposing to the proposed amendment of RUU355.

“Mr Siambun, please do not worry, the UPKO stand on the issue remains status quo. You and Warisan might try to twist and turn our statements but at the end of the day we know, even your supporters, and the people at large can no longer be easily hoodwinked by such cheap tactics,” he said.

Just a gentle reminder, said Bingkasan, that Siambun’s Warisan mate, Penampang MP Darrel Leiking, when they were still in PKR, has given full support to Pas’ RUU355.

Since Siambun and Leiking have ditched PKR to join Warisan, Bingkasan reminded them that the RUU355 have been amended three times during former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed tenure.

The first was in 1984 to give more powers to the Syariah Court in meting out punishments, the second was in 1989 to cover Sabah and Sarawak and the third one was in 1997 albeit for definition.

Warisan should ask Mahathir, now the leader of opposition Pakatan Harapan about this, he said. Ends

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