Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau:

“I must stress that this is a consensus decision by the Upko supreme council to respect the voices of the people. It was obvious that Sabahans have spoken and that they wanted change.

After we tabulated the votes for both state and parliamentary seats, it was very clear that the split was 60-40.

Sabahans have voted for change for both state and Federal seats. I did not expect Sabah STAR to betray the wishes of Sabahans.

Sabah STAR won two seats from Barisan. If the people wanted Barisan, they wouldn’t have voted for Sabah STAR.

Hence, the moment I learnt about the crossover of Sabah STAR to Barisan, I was shocked and thought it was very wrong.

From a hung state assembly where Barisan gained 29 seats and Warisan, DAP and PKR got 29 and Sabah STAR two, the shift from Sabah STAR to Barisan would mean that Barisan had the mandate to govern the state.

However, the popular vote for the state assembly was so clear that approximately 60% of the votes were for Warisan, DAP and PKR. The Upko supreme council deliberated on whether we wanted to remain in Barisan, or we wanted to make the very difficult, yet right decision to uphold the wishes of Sabahans.

After careful deliberation, we had the consensus that the party must uphold and protect the wishes of Sabahans. Therefore, we decided to lend our support to the Warisan, DAP and PKR pact.”

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